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Treasure hunt Verona

"My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep. The more love I give you, the more I have. Both loves are infinite." As Juliet lost her heart to Romeo, countless visitors lose their hearts to Verona, the site of Shakespeare´s masterful play. It is not for nothing that the northern Italian provincial capital has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000: In Verona, ancient treasures such as the amphitheatre or the Porta dei Borsari city gate stand alongside medieval buildings like the Castelvecchio Castle or the three-tiered Ponte Scaligero. 

This unique flair sets the perfect stage for a team event in Verona! A scavenger hunt in Verona, which combines city discovery with puzzle solving and team building, allows the city to be explored in a playful way.  This event concept not only leads you through Verona, along famous sights such as the Cathedral Santa Maria Matricolare or the Piazza dei Signori. No, the varied tasks are linked to Verona’s sights and let you dive deep into the centuries-old history of Verona! The local cuisine is not neglected in our team events either: You will learn what makes local dishes such as “Risotto all'Isolana” or “Bollito con Pearà” special.

William Shakespeare once created a fierce rivalry between the Capulet and Montague families. Team building in Verona also spurs competition between the participating groups: Divided into small groups, each successfully completed task rewards you with valuable points. In this way, the Verona scavenger hunt allows you to discover Verona in a playful way and to build long-lasting bonds within the team. Come to Verona and let our team building events convince you! But be careful, you might just lose your heart to Verona!

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  • CityHunters Team Guides on site
  • Helpline during the event
  • Picture gallery after the event
  • Individual start & finish location
  • Individual duration
  • CityHunters Team Guides on site
  • Helpline during the event
  • Picture gallery after the event
  • Individual start & finish location
  • Individual duration
  • CityHunters Team Guides on site
  • Helpline during the event
  • Picture gallery after the event
  • Individual start & finish location
  • Individual duration
  • Use your own Smartphone
  • Access to scavenger hunt web application
  • 12 riddle-locations
  • Task book and clipboard
  • 10 riddle-locations
  • iPad™ with CityHunters App
  • Over 20 riddle-locations
  • Real-time highscore
  • Chatroom
  • Individual tasks (optional)
  • Your company logo (optional)
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Advantages of a Team Building Event

Four reasons why to choose a scavenger hunt for your Team Building activity in Verona
During a treasure hunt you discover Verona together with your colleagues in a new and exciting way.
Through communication and interaction during the team building in Verona you get to know your colleagues better.
Common experiences like a scavenger hunt tour in Verona promote cohesion and strengthen the team spirit.
The common experience of the team building activity in Verona will remain in your memory for a long time.

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