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Team Building in Naples

Treasure hunt Naples

Founded in ancient times under the name "Neapolis" (ancient Greek for “New City”), the city casts a spell over every visitor. In this context, the saying "See Naples and die" handed down by Goethe is not surprising - after all, it means that having experienced Naples in its beauty and splendor cannot be surpassed by anything.

Italy's third largest city has much to offer in terms of culture, history and architecture. In addition to numerous churches, medieval fortresses such as Castel Nuovo and several other monumental buildings such as the Teatro San Carlo, two impressive volcanoes can be seen around Naples: One of them is the legendary Vesuvius that destroyed the city of Pompeii. There is much to discover and experience here. But if you are not so interested in a normal sightseeing tour, CityHunters gives you the opportunity to get to know the city in a different, more modern and innovative way. 

With the help of an iPad, a navigation device or a conventional task book, the participants are sent through the city and given several tasks that have to be solved as a team. The group that has solved the most tasks correctly wins this playful competition. To achieve this, all team members should stick together and overcome any differences. The goal is to strengthen the team spirit within the group in the long-term. In the course of the city exploration, you will experience the cheerful hustle and bustle of the old town. In order to acquire new strengths, you can stop in the narrow streets at a café and have an espresso or a pizza. The Pizza Napoletana is one of the highlights of this city, since Naples is considered the birthplace of this simple yet magnificent dish.

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  • CityHunters Team Guides on site
  • Helpline during the event
  • Picture gallery after the event
  • Individual start & finish location
  • Individual duration
  • CityHunters Team Guides on site
  • Helpline during the event
  • Picture gallery after the event
  • Individual start & finish location
  • Individual duration
  • CityHunters Team Guides on site
  • Helpline during the event
  • Picture gallery after the event
  • Individual start & finish location
  • Individual duration
  • Task book and clipboard
  • 10 riddle-locations
  • Tablet PC with CityHunters App
  • 15 riddle-locations
  • iPad™ with CityHunters App
  • Over 20 riddle-locations
  • Real-time highscore
  • Chatroom
  • Individual tasks (optional)
  • Your company logo (optional)
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Advantages of a Team Building Event

Four reasons why to choose a scavenger hunt for your Team Building activity in Naples
During a treasure hunt you discover Naples together with your colleagues in a new and exciting way.
Through communication and interaction during the team building in Naples you get to know your colleagues better.
Common experiences like a scavenger hunt tour in Naples promote cohesion and strengthen the team spirit.
The common experience of the team building activity in Naples will remain in your memory for a long time.
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