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Treasure hunt Nuremberg

Nuremberg is always worth a visit. After all, Bavaria's second-largest city has a number of highlights: the important painter Albrecht Dürer was born here, while the globe and the pocket watch were invented in this north Bavarian city. In addition, Nuremberg and the surrounding area have a unique beer culture. It is therefore definitely worthwhile to get to know Nuremberg - for example during an interactive scavenger hunt through Nuremberg!  

Our corporate events in Nuremberg are not only about discovering the city, but also about strengthening  team spirit! Whether geocaching, iPad rally or scavenger hunt - our teambuilding event in Nuremberg is sure to result in an enhanced team spirit! Furthermore, you will be immersed in the unique culture of Nuremberg: the Franconian dialect, the local art scene and popular Franconian dishes are among the aspects that will certainly by addressed. The city has a unique local cuisine which is popular among locals and visitors alike: specialties such as "Drei im Weggla", "Saure Zipfel" or "Schäufele" are an integral part of the city´s cuisine. 

And that is not all: Nuremberg once hosted the ruling insignia of the German emperor and was one of the three most important cities of the Holy Roman Empire. Traces of this glorious epoch can be found all over the city: the Albrecht Dürer House, the Imperial Castle, the churches St. Lorenz and St. Sebald as well as countless winding alleys turn a scavenger hunt through Nuremberg into an adventure. The historic old town, consisting of the districts St. Sebald and Lorenz, is therefore the perfect area for a scavenger hunt or geocaching in Nuremberg and will definitely inspire your colleagues during your next company outing!  

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  • CityHunters Team Guides on site
  • Helpline during the event
  • Picture gallery after the event
  • Individual start & finish location
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  • CityHunters Team Guides on site
  • Helpline during the event
  • Picture gallery after the event
  • Individual start & finish location
  • Individual duration
  • CityHunters Team Guides on site
  • Helpline during the event
  • Picture gallery after the event
  • Individual start & finish location
  • Individual duration
  • Task book and clipboard
  • 10 riddle-locations
  • Tablet PC with CityHunters App
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Advantages of a Team Building Event

Four reasons why to choose a scavenger hunt for your Team Building activity in Nuremberg
During a treasure hunt you discover Nuremberg together with your colleagues in a new and exciting way.
Through communication and interaction during the team building in Nuremberg you get to know your colleagues better.
Common experiences like a scavenger hunt tour in Nuremberg promote cohesion and strengthen the team spirit.
The common experience of the team building activity in Nuremberg will remain in your memory for a long time.

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