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CityHunters - The treasure hunt experts

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Smartphone hunt

The digital scavenger hunt

The Smartphone Hunt is an extraordinary kind of city adventure. Your smartphone acts as a guide, leading your team to the most important sights with great precision. As soon as you reach the related sites, you will be challenged by varied multimedia team tasks: solve tricky riddles, analyze new evidence and take spectacular photos. The more teammates you gather, the more exciting your puzzle course becomes: each participant gets individual tasks that you solve together. Your hunt for points becomes particularly appealing when you compete against each other in several groups! What you need for this unique experience: an internet-enabled mobile device for each participant and a lot of team spirit. You don't need to install an app. You can start right away. A protected picture gallery ensures that your smartphone tour has a long-lasting effect and remains unforgettable for all the participants.

Exciting scavenger hunts for corporate events
Exciting scavenger hunts for corporate events

Classic treasure hunt

The classic pen and paper scavenger hunt

You would like to explore a city of your choice, but you fear that guided city tours will struggle to inspire your colleagues? Our classic treasure hunt allows you to explore a city of your choice on your own and combines an interactive city discovery with teambuilding elements to create an unforgettable corporate event. While a classic treasure hunt in Paris leads you past sights such as the Louvre or the Arc de Triomphe, the scavenger hunt in Venice allows you to have a look at the Rialto Bridge or St. Mark's Cathedral. The classic treasure hunt offered by transforms cities like Vienna, Florence or Barcelona into interactive playgrounds. The tasks of this team event are presented in a traditional pen-and-paper manner, while the design of the tasks is highly innovative. Give your next company outing in Rome or your corporate event in Madrid that extra something and offer your colleagues a refreshingly new way to discover the city!

iPad treasure hunt

Our premium interactive scavenger hunt

The CityHunters iPad treasure hunt combines the concept of a classic scavenger hunt with state-of-the-art technology and inspires the participants with entertaining riddles and team building elements! As the name already suggests, an original iPad plays a key role in this innovative corporate event. The multifunctional device takes over the navigation of the team, presents the tasks and connects the teams with a live chat and a high score list. The intuitive handling of the device is explained by our team guide during the introduction. Victory is only possible if you manage to find and successfully master as many of the team challenges as possible. This modern form of scavenger hunt can be used in many different contexts: No matter whether you are planning a team building event in Warsaw, a company outing in Prague or a corporate event in Milan - with the iPad treasure hunt you can be sure that your upcoming company event will be crowned with success.

iPad city tour
Smartphone Hunt Classic Treasure Hunt iPad Treasure Hunt
  • CityHunters Team Guides on site
  • Helpline during the event
  • Picture gallery after the event
  • Individual start & finish location
  • Individual duration
  • CityHunters Team Guides on site
  • Helpline during the event
  • Picture gallery after the event
  • Individual start & finish location
  • Individual duration
  • CityHunters Team Guides on site
  • Helpline during the event
  • Picture gallery after the event
  • Individual start & finish location
  • Individual duration
  • Use your own Smartphone
  • Access to scavenger hunt web application
  • 12 riddle-locations
  • Task book and clipboard
  • 10 riddle-locations
  • iPad™ with CityHunters App
  • Over 20 riddle-locations
  • Real-time highscore
  • Chatroom
  • Individual tasks (optional)
  • Your company logo (optional)
from 23.00 per person from €35.00 per person from €50.00 per person
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