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Treasure hunt Florence

Impressive squares, monumental sacred buildings and palaces, world-famous museums and beautiful gardens - Florence offers options for every taste. The sights of this historic city are spread around the entire Old Town area. As a tourist you will quickly lose track of them. For those who consider guided sightseeing tours as too boring, there are more interactive concepts: Florence's old town can be explored interactively in the course of an outdoor team building event as for instance a scavenger hunt.  

You will learn exciting details about the Piazza della Signoria, the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore or the Palazzo Pitti. At our team events in Florence it is not enough to visit the sites where the tasks are located. Instead you have to interact with the urban context in order to solve the riddles. During our treasure hunts in Florence the fun factor is not neglected and the team spirit among the  groups of participants is strengthened enormously.  

The city is considered the cradle of the Renaissance and was already referred to as "Italian Athens" in the 19th century. The fact that Florence and not Rome was the capital of the newly founded Kingdom of Italy between 1865 and 1860, is a little known fact. With an exciting history shaped by Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei or Michelangelo, who all spent parts of their lives in Florence, a tour through Florence is never boring.

CityHunters team events in Florence provide an insight into the unique local culture of "Firenze" and lead the participants through the lively streets of the city center with its large markets, the river Arno, and impressive monuments such as the Uffizi Gallery. Those who need refreshments after an exciting corporate event can get a cool ice cream in the Gelateria dei Neri.

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  • CityHunters Team Guides on site
  • Helpline during the event
  • Picture gallery after the event
  • Individual start & finish location
  • Individual duration
  • CityHunters Team Guides on site
  • Helpline during the event
  • Picture gallery after the event
  • Individual start & finish location
  • Individual duration
  • CityHunters Team Guides on site
  • Helpline during the event
  • Picture gallery after the event
  • Individual start & finish location
  • Individual duration
  • Use your own Smartphone
  • Access to scavenger hunt web application
  • 12 riddle-locations
  • Task book and clipboard
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  • iPad™ with CityHunters App
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  • Real-time highscore
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Advantages of a Team Building Event

Four reasons why to choose a scavenger hunt for your Team Building activity in Florence
During a treasure hunt you discover Florence together with your colleagues in a new and exciting way.
Through communication and interaction during the team building in Florence you get to know your colleagues better.
Common experiences like a scavenger hunt tour in Florence promote cohesion and strengthen the team spirit.
The common experience of the team building activity in Florence will remain in your memory for a long time.

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