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CityHunters offers a wide selection of European cities to host your individual teambuilding event. From Hamburg to Naples and from Porto to Warsaw - We organize treasure hunts and iPad tours in all major European cities. Use our team events to get to know one of Europe's iconic capitals together with your colleagues in a fun, innovative and exciting way. Instead of a city tour, how about a more interactive form of city discovery that promotes team spirit, cooperation and communication at the same time? Select your city from the list below.

With CityHunters you can get to know the most attractive side of a European city of your choice and at the same time strengthen the cohesion in your team.

Have you not yet decided your next company outing’s destination? In this case, you should think carefully about the city where the trip with your colleagues will take you - after all, every city has its own unique charm.

If you want to explore the most beautiful cities in Southern Europe, you can book a scavenger hunt in Rome, a treasure hunt in Barcelona or an iPad team event in Naples. The Mediterranean climate combined with southern “savoir vivre” will turn your trip to southern Europe into an unforgettable experience. In addition, most of the cities in this part of the world have a history that goes back thousands of years and has its roots in antiquity - hobby historians are not the only people who will get excited!

Eastern Europe can also be discovered from an unusual perspective at team building events offered by CityHunters. Whether you are planning a team building in Prague, a company outing in Warsaw or a team event in Budapest - the scavenger hunts, geocachings and iPad tours organized by CityHunters allow a playful foray through the culture and history of these unique metropolises.

Of course, you do not want to miss the pearls of Western Europe in this context. Anyone who has ever been on a scavenger hunt in Paris or a city tour in Amsterdam, knows the cultural wealth of these gems of Western Europe.

No matter which part of Europe you travel to - with CityHunters you can immerse yourself in the local culture and experience the most exciting cities of Europe from their unusual side: Did you know, for example, that the "Cicheti" inspired by tapas are a specialty of Venice, while the "Opera Cake" is a popular dessert of the French capital Paris? Corporate events such as our tablet treasure hunt in Brussels or our scavenger hunt in Vienna convey such anecdotes typical of the local area, but also pick up on themes from the eventful history of each city.

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